What's My Computer Doing


Find out everything your PC's doing in real time



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What's My Computer Doing is a useful application that helps you find out, in detail, what your computer is doing at any time.

This lets you find out much more about an open process than what the task manager would show you, such as which program is consuming the most resources and what problems are affecting it.

The application creates a comprehensive list of all the programs running on your PC at a certain time, and from there shows you the install path and the installed version. If you want you can even stop the process.

It also lets you uninstall a specific program instead of stopping it or, if you prefer, freeze it to stop any problem it may be causing.

What's My Computer Doing is, in short, a great tool to find out every detail about what's happening on your PC at all times and stop dangerous processes without freezing your computer.
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